The Classiest Restaurants in Annecy Right Now

The Classiest Restaurants in Annecy Right Now

The Classiest Restaurant in Annecy Right Now: Food is the most important part of anyone’s traveling.  One way that you can get to know more about the culture of the place that you would have traveled to is through their food as well. Lucky for you, if you are planning to visit Annecy, there are a number of restaurants that you can go to for the best meals in the area after winning that online casino real money. Here are our top picks so far!

The Classiest Restaurants in Annecy Right Now
The Classiest Restaurants in Annecy Right Now

The Classiest Restaurant in Annecy Right Now: La Ciboulette

La Ciboulette, which received a Michelin star in 2007, serves attractively presented food that is unrivaled in freshness. The restaurant is located in a peaceful and historic area of Annecy and is a fantastic location to eat when visiting the pleasant neighborhood of Cour du Pré Carré. This location provides breath-taking views of the town’s green spaces.

L’Auberge de Savoie

Dining at L’Auberge de Savoie, located in the center of Annecy, is like getting a breath of pure mountain air in the middle of the bustling town. The blue and white decor of the restaurant offers a comfortable setting in which to enjoy one of the restaurant’s excellently prepared seafood specialties.

While eating, visitors may enjoy a beautiful view of the neighboring old buildings from the open dining area. There is plenty to satisfy every taste, from an outstanding cheese course to pizza and lobster, and the homemade chocolates and toffees provided with the coffee are quite good. The staff is nice and helpful, and they provide good culinary suggestions.

Le Belvédère Restaurant

Le Belvédère, located just a few minutes from the city center. It features a panoramic dining area with a spectacular view of the lake. Also,  it has colorful meals that are both delectable and extremely skillfully prepared. Additionally,  it provides four separate menus with a broad range of culinary options. The restaurant excels in using fresh local seafood.  Also, get some steamed fish with pepper cream and aubergines being a popular option. Indulges in red and green tomatoes with feta cheese, bacon, and vegetable mousse. Or, moelleux au Chocolat with coconut cream is also popular. Additionally, the staff is incredibly pleasant and helpful, and you would be hard-pressed to find greater value in this region.

L’Appart du Dix-Sept

L’Appart du Dix-Sept is the ideal choice for the best and relaxing eating experience in Annecy. The intimate decor of the eatery provides a homey feeling. It is delightfully above the hustle and bustle of the town, thanks to its unusual first-floor position. Large pieces of fish are on beds of black rice and soybeans, and the risotto aux Spaniards Avec la gamba arrives on a lovely porcelain plate. In the early evening, a colorful drink is a necessity, and the bar’s late closing hour allows customers to enjoy the laid-back ambiance deep into the evening



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