The Best Spots to Have Brunch in Annecy

 The Best Spots to Have Brunch in Annecy

The Best Spots to Have Brunch in Annecy: The people of Annecy are extremely fortunate. They will walk across the Pont des Amours (or “Love Bridge”). Also, staring out towards the pristine shores of Lake Annecy will be great! But, they often have the French Alps as a background. Also, not forgetting, medieval Old Town full of meandering canals and ancient monuments. Additionally, we have compiled a list of the finest spots to stop for some tourist fuel. The best part is that after winning some online casino real money, you are going to have enough money to eat all the food that you want. So make sure that you are not on any diet when you visit these fun places in Annecy.

The Best Spots to Have Brunch in Annecy: Mary’s Corner

Together with hot dogs and nachos, they serve large bagels that may be eaten in the restaurant. Also, you can get takeaway if you really need breakfast on the move.  Additionally, these come with cream cheese and crudités, as well as a variety of fillings, such as pastrami, pickles. Also, you can get honey mustard for the ‘Manhattan Deli’ and pesto, tomato confit, and mozzarella for the ‘Delizioso’.  Salads and soups are available for someone dieting. On the other hand,  cookies, muffins, cheesecakes, and doughnuts are available for those who wish to indulge.

 The Best Spots to Have Brunch in Annecy
The Best Spots to Have Brunch in Annecy

Le Poulailler

Le Poulailler is an ideal outdoor breakfast location with picnic tables, beanbags, hammocks, sofas, and patio furniture set in a beautiful garden. Every visitor receives a hot beverage and a glass of fruit juice. You will also get a  toast with butter, honey, and preserves and granola with yogurt, fruit, and muesli.However, you can top it with one of several savory options, including the ‘Elizabeth II’ (an English muffin with a poached egg, beans, and salad).

La Voile

The luxury restaurant La Voile is inside the Imperial Palace hotel & has three forks in the 2015 Michelin Guide. The screens provide breath-taking views of Lake Annecy and the local environment. However,  the gourmet breakfast buffet is well worth a visit. For hungry guests, the tastiest pastries, sandwiches, sausages, smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, bacon, cheeses, cold meats, and applesauce are all available. There are few finer locations to dine than this breathtaking setting.

Sur les Pas de la Petite Botte

Audrey Bottelier’s charmingly twee tearoom feels like returning home. There is a pleasant ambience here, from the antique porcelain dinnerware to the cozy couches and handmade pastries (prepared according to Grandmother Bottelier’s recipe). Fresh fruit juices, eggs, ham, pastries, croissants, toast with jams and organic honey, quiches, coffee, muffins, flans, and brownies are all available for brunch. For those looking for a more casual food experience, there is an additional seating area bordered by musical instruments and a coffee table stacked high with cookbooks and travel magazines.


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