What to Do When You Visit Annecy

 The Best Views You Will See When You Visit Annecy

Annecy is one of the most beautiful places that you can visit whenever you think about going to France. The city has so many beautiful places that you can visit and some really fun activities that you can do as well. Therefore, after winning your real money online, here are some of the things that you can when you visit the city!

The Best Hotels to Stay in Annecy
Visiting Annecy in 2021

Visit the Lake Annecy

The immaculate Lac d’Annecy, one of France’s biggest lakes, amidst snow-capped mountains and is Europe’s cleanest lake. Lake Annecy surrounding on one side is a cycling route that passes through Saint-Jorioz. Also, this is part of the UNESCO Prehistoric Pile Dwellings surrounding the Alps.

Go to the Sandy Beaches

During the summer, there are several sandy or grassy beaches sprinkling on the gorgeous lake. Therefore, a relaxing dip in the crystal-clear lake is the ideal way to unwind. Get to take in the breathtaking sights that Annecy has to offer.

Visit the Old Town

Enjoy a day or two, or three, getting lost among Annecy’s quirky waterways. The meandering cobblestone alleys of the Vieille Ville, or old town, have pastel homes and vivid flower boxes. These will make you fall in love with this little French town, dubbed the “Venice of the Alps.” Go for a croissant at a boulangerie or ice cream from one of the town’s numerous elaterids and spend a weekend people-watching and appreciating the grandeur

A Trip To The Market

From the Au Rendez-Vous du Terroir farmer’s market (Tuesday to Saturday) to the Old Town Market on the Rue Sainte-Claire (Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday), Annecy offers a variety of markets open during the week selling a variety of fresh foods and market items. The Sunday Annecy market is one of the best in France, with colorful stalls covering the roads and canals of the historic district.

Find Love at the Lover’s Bridge

The Pont des Amours (Lovers’ Bridge) is a lovely iron bridge on the Lac d’Annecy that connects the Jardins de l’Europe and the Pâquier Esplanade – two large parks on the lake’s banks. According to legend, if two lovers smooch on the bridge, they can be together forever. The padlocks adorning the bridge imply that tourists think this. Even if you don’t have anybody to kiss, this iconic location with views of the lake and mountains is worth a visit.

Palais de l’Île

The Palais de l’Île, with its gabled front resembling a ship’s prow, divides the Thiou River into two canals. It was erected in the 12th century and served as a jail, mint, courtroom, and lord’s palace before becoming a local history museum. It is one of France’s most photographed places, and it is also open for exhibits a few days a week, but only during the warmer months.


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